August 07, 2008

[Hypocrisy] Siding With China This Time Around...

There is one thing I hate more than being told what to do, and that's being told what to do by someone who could use their own advice. I bet most people out there would probably agree with this statement. Yet, this is exactly the kind of hypocritical two-faced crap that China is barraged with by our failure-of-a-leader Stephen Harper and his worship George W. Bush.

Every time the issue of China comes up, these lying sacks of shit make veiled threats about how the Western world will not tolerate human rights abuses in China, and that China better treat their citizens better... or else. Or else what? Nothing - no action whatsoever - has ever come of these meaningless words. They are just required utterances to fool the Canadian and American "democracy-loving" electorate that the guy in power is doing something about that "evil Communist China".

Here's a reality check:

Canada's third most important export partner: China

United States' third most important export partner: China

Canada's second most important import partner: China

United States' most important import partner: China

Value of annual US imports from China: $1.8 trillion

Yet the "threats" continue. An analogous situation would be as follows: Person A claims publicly that Person B is a pedophile and no one should do business with them, and the next day, Person A goes out and continues to conduct the majority of their business with Person B, and then goes home to rape a child.

What I'm trying to say is, the Conservative and Republican governments don't have a very clean human rights record themselves. Canadians should forever bow their heads in shame for that inexcusable moment when Chuck Strahl voted in November 2007 - as a representative of the Harper government - against adopting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, when just about every other fucking country in the world saw it as a necessary document for the future development of global human rights. China even signed the damn thing... but funny you mention it - the US was another of the four countries that did not vote for it either.

And let's not mention the documented human rights abuses committed by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib, nor the direct contravention of internatoinal law at Guantanamo Bay, nor the two wars and senseless bombing campaigns launched against relatively defenseless nations (Afghanistan and Iraq), nor the fact that 1 out of every 9 black male Americans aged 20 to 34 are in jail... No human rights issues there!!! Get it together America! Clean up your act, and THEN maybe talk about human rights, when you have an positive example to demonstrate!

Bush even pushed the line further today, when he idiotically denounced China's human rights record, get this - WHILE EN ROUTE TO ATTEND THE BEIJING OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONIES! Yet again I wonder if the man has a brain.

To sum up, I have all the respect for anyone (organizations and states included) which have decided to boycott the Beijing olympics on the premise of their deplorable human rights record, but here's the caveat: You yourself can't have an equally deplorable human rights record, nor can you slap the wrist on one hand while buying cheap plastic goods with the other! Instead of Harper and Bush talk garbage on our behalf, I say let Amnesty International or the International Red Cross or Journalists without Borders do the talking. If you can't walk the walk, don't talk the talk, but hey - that's just what I think.

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