December 05, 2008

[Riddle] On our current constitutional woes...

In order to commemorate the historical significance of our current constitutional woes here in Canada, I have crafted a riddle:

I was elected into a minority government with 43% of the votes. I set forth to confront the unprecedented economic woes of our time, particularly by attacking the rights of labour unions. I accused the left of threatening our national unity and of trying to launch a “coup” against my government. I used this as an excuse to go to the head of state and ask for a suspension of parliament. I have a six-lettered last name that starts with an “H” and ends in an “R”, and I am known for the part in my hair (to the side of my head). Who am I?

The answer, of course, is “Adolf Hitler”. If you guessed “Stephen Harper”, you’re wrong (he only got 37% of the vote).

It’s time to wake up and smell the fascism, folks.

In that light, I am forwarding a link to a hilarious video that makes a similar comparison through comedy:

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  1. Damn ryan.
    that's heavy.
    -back to the farm, ben.