May 04, 2010

[Billing] Vote in C-311 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, (Wednesday, May 5th), the House of Commons will conduct its FINAL VOTE on Bill C-311, The Climate Change Accountability Act. This Bill has been on the table for nearly four years, but has been subject to stalling pressure, death by election, and prorogation! Yet the Bill has been resurrected and survives! It is essential that all three opposition parties pull through and support this bill tomorrow.

- Because you may have noticed that last year (2009) was the warmest year on record; that the last decade is the warmest decade ever recorded; that within the last 12 years we have experienced the 10 warmest years recorded!
- Because the world now consumes 86.6 MILLION Barrels of Crude Oil EVERY DAY!
- Because the global atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases is presently at 391 parts per million (far above the widely recognized upper limit safety threshold of 350ppm).
- Because glaciers, arctic sea ice, coral reefs, and countless species are disappearing!
- Because the world's poor are extremely vulnerable to global warming and lack the financial capacity to adapt to climate change.
- Because the Harper Government has done NOTHING to mitigate or adapt to climate change.
- Because Canada is quickly gaining a reputation as the 'asshole of the world' at global climate talks (the bully of the business as usual approach).

Will Bill C-311 change any of this?
Likely not. However, it does force the Canadian government to at least fall in line with the basic international agreements on reductions. It will tell Harper that he can't continue killing the planet with impunity. Most importantly, Bill C-311 could foment new regulations and public infrastructure projects to help us reach the carbon reduction targets set out in the Bill.

So what should you do?
Send an email TODAY to Iggy and the leaders of the three opposition parties letting them know that you expect them to vote in favour of C-311 tomorrow! The Green Party has already set up a letter template and will automatically the letter for you: Go to

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