November 30, 2007

[Note of Solidarity] Venezuela!

This is a quick one:

In Europe, over 150 politicians recently declared their support for the Venezuelan government's efforts to build an entrenched socioeconomic style of democracy - one that sees the democratization and fair redistribution of wealth. They also called for everyone to respect the outcome of this weekend's referendum. The statement was initiated at a Europe-wide conference in support of the Venezuelan people's right to self-determination.

Read the story here:

But here's my beef: A EUROPE-WIDE CONFERENCE IN SUPPORT OF VENEZUELA! If the Europeans can do it, I say so can the North Americans! The AFL-CIO and the CLC and the NDP and American Green Party and interest groups such as NACLA need to get one of these solidarity conferences going before it's too late! It has surfaced that the CIA has spent $8 million in the last month deliberately trying to sabotage the Venezuelan governments planned constitutional reforms. We need to offer our support to such noble efforts before the American spy agency manages to destroy yet another Latin American progressive regime.

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