November 05, 2007

[Rhyme] I hate Coca-Cola

The following is a cheesy rhyming song I wrote about multinationals:

If you hear a shot ring out in the night,
may it remind you of a different type of villain hard to sight:
Based in America – but now all over the world -
they’ve caused a shitload of trouble now that they’ve got unfurled.
These fucking multinationals are completely irrational,
spreading like a virus to every fucking capital,
and other cities and towns, villages too -
money’s what they want (what they will pillage from you)!

A different kind of ebola- corporate like cocacola -
is pinpointing consumers from hong kong to north dakota.
Is this really what we want Gaia reduced to?
What’s it going to look like when nike and coke both own you?
You see the corporate world won’t let humanity grow,
so this rhyme is saying "let’s go"- let’s reclaim like in seattle.
Neoliberal capitalism provides a sorry picture.
Peoples health and culture and rights are no longer on the scripture!

Sometimes what’s right doesn’t always seem to be in sight,
but if we all put up a fight, maybe things will be alright.

Since when is it your right to post your logo in my face?
A child who loves golden arches – isn’t that a Disgrace?
Spending millions on ads while the world faces hunger -
it should be a crime- let’s not allow it any longer.

How can it be legal to profit through the roof
while inequality continues to grow – ain’t that the truth!?
It doesn’t take much to see how bad things have gotten...
take a stroll down the streets, and see the homeless people we’ve forgotten.

Downsizing!? Just so the stockbrokers stop criticizing!?
Can’t you see the anger of your former workers rising!

We need popular education, in communities and grade schools.
We need to bring back Gramsci’s notion of the organic intellectuals!

So what now? Let’s take a look at the corporate record:
Treating people like they’re pawns in a game of checkers;
Environmental degradation; community annihilations;
and just-in time labour made easy by globalization!

Let's say "stay away -
we don’t support your corporation" all it wants is our money doesn’t care about us.
Yet it will try to stay,
and withdraw all our resources, and then one day we’ll find our water’s all grey.
So let’s say stop… who’s calling the shots?
Is it the people and the workers or the riot cops?
It’s time to rise up, reclaim our streets -
to protect our environment... we can't be beat.

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